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Author, Interfaith Minister, Weaver

Memorial Services


When a loved one dies, those of us who are left behind are faced with many decisions in the midst of our grief.  At this time, we seek out the help of professionals to walk with us through all that needs to be done.


Funeral directors are excellent guides to help us through the practical decisions that need to be made regarding obituaries, cremation or wakes, burials etc.


As an Interfaith Minister, I am available to be present in a different capacity. I can lead memorial services at the funeral parlor, in your home, at the gravesite if there is one, or wherever the family wants to celebrate the life of the deceased and/or to meaningfully mourn their loss. I can also provide grief counseling with anyone before, during or long after the rituals are over.


As an interfaith minister I am open to the truths that are found in all spiritual traditions that can provide healing, insight and consolation.


Very often, someone’s connection to God/the Divine/Universal Love, has been damaged by negative restrictive practices of a religion or by fear of an angry God instilled in them as children at some point in otheir  lives.  Or perhaps our faith has been strained by the challenges of life.


When someone in our circle dies, it is not a time of judgment about them or ourselves.  Nor is it a time of regret.  Rather, is a time to remember the fundamental belief in all religions that we are all part of a Universal Love that constantly calls us to the heart of Truth: All life is precious.  We are precious and loved unconditionally.


It is time to open our hearts to that Truth and trust in new possibilities.





Wedding Services


The marriage ritual can take on as many different forms from very simple to more elaborate, from a church to a sandy beach. As a Maine Notary, I can officiate at any wedding. However, if you want a spiritual focus, I would be happy to help you choose songs, readings, ceremonies that include your religious tradition or can be taken from many spiritual traditions.


Call to schedule a free appointment where we can discuss your preferences and design a wedding service that will be meaningful and memorable.





As an Interfaith Minister or chaplain, I am open to all religious beliefs or no belief. My ministry is focused on being present, whatever situation I am in. We are all called to be lights in the world, to share the Divine spark within us.  This spark is nourished through spiritual practices that keep us humble and open to Divine Presence. We all have the freedom to discover our paths. Interfaith Ministers provide guidance and spiritual support in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.


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