Helen Rousseau


Author, Interfaith Minister, Weaver

Coming to the Edge:

Fifty Poems for Writing and Healing


"Coming to the Edge is....a deep invitation into the reader's own inner journey....If you let yourself be led into Helen's suggestions, you will grow.  I did, and I will each time i revisit coming to the Edge, because the edge changes as we expand into the liberation Helen wants for us."

-Susan Lebel Young, MSEd, MSC author of

Lessons from a Golfer and Food Fix: Ancient Nourishment for Modern Hungers.


"Helen's poetic and passionate words guide us not only through her journey of struggle and growth, but invite us to stand in reflection of our own steps on the path to wholeness....You will read this book with a sense of gratitude"

-Marsie Silvestro author of: Feast of

Sisterly Trance-Formation Grief Walks Through

Me Like a Rake and The Sky is My Ocean.












Coming to the Edge:

Fifty Poems for Writing and Healing


The fifty poems in this book were written in the past twelve years and reflect my process of searching for my own path, for clarity and to express fears and longings. As I struggled to find my true voice, writing poetry enabled me to share deep pain and doubt.. I dealt with my upbringing in the Catholic Church, my frustration with trying to live an authentic life within its boundaries, and my eventual realization that the Divine cannot be defined by our human minds. I also dealt with PTSD from childhood experiences and from too many years in an abusive relationship. Reading memoirs, self-help books and using affirmations, gave me the courage to draw from my inner resources, even though I thought I had none left.


With each poem is a prompt or two to launch your own writing or drawing/doodling. My hope is that my poems will be a springboard for your own thoughts and expression; a tool to discover your own answers. There is a suggested affirmation with each poem.


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