Helen Rousseau


Author, Interfaith Minister, Weaver



Art as a spiritual practice


Whatever art medium we choose, it can open us to new dimensions of the spiritual world, and get us in touch with our creativity which is our true nature. Art was a very important part of my training to become an Interfaith Minister. I have tried my hand at various art forms over the years: painting, wood cuts, and coloring mandalas as meditation which I still do. But at a retreat, we all created a weaving together that opened up something within me that made me decide to practice the art of weaving. More importantly, weaving is part of my contemplative spiritual practice. It provides me time to focus on one thing, to let other distractions slip away, and to connect with my deeper self. It's another way to practice mindfulness which is a daily spiritual practice for me. I am hoping to have new weavings available for sale on this site in 2017. Stay tuned.



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