Helen Rousseau


Author, Interfaith Minister

WHAT I BELIEVE My spirituality has led me into a universal understanding of the Divine as accessible to all, no matter the spiritual path we choose. This Mystery is beyond our comprehension and the mistake of theologians is to try to dissect the unknowable. I truly believe that our call is to become fully human and fully alive, doing the work that unites mind, body and spirit. This is where the diversity of paths comes in and the importance of honoring all paths that strive toward the Light of Truth. I believe life is good and we are loved unconditionally, holding within us the spark of Divinity. This spark is ours to tend and grow into a flame of love and compassion for ourselves and all other beings. There is no one route to fulfillment, no single path to wholeness and happiness. It is important to walk with integrity on the path we have chosen as our own. I believe we can find peace when we integrate our life experiences into a whole. Very often that process comes with aging and the need to make sense of it all. Rev. Helen G. Rousseau Interfaith Minister Ordained Interfaith Minister from the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine Graduate from Adelynrood School of Spiritual Direction Master of Theological Studies from Boston University School of Theology Experienced in developing rituals/celebrations for various occasions. Available for weddings, memorial services and other sacred events.

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