Helen Rousseau

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Creativity has become a moving force in my life. As you will see on this website, creativity takes on many forms of expression. I’m a published author, leader of writing groups, Spiritual Guide, collage artist, designer of block prints and tea towels, and whatever else calls to me or challenges me. I also founded a creativity circle and in 2022 published Unleashing Creativity: An Inspirational Awakening, sharing the process used in our circle and the writings that were inspired by writing together. (See store)

It has been a deep joy to share my poems with others, to have others identify with a poem and discover that they are not alone. I was trained in the Amherst Writers and Artists method of leading writing groups and did so for twelve years. I had to stop in 2020 because of Covid. My book. Coming to the Edge was a great resource for the writing groups. Writing together creates an air of inspiration in the room and people find themselves writing meaningful stories, poems, and memories that surprise even them. Writing together also brings with it a special bond among students.

During the solitary days of the pandemic, I wrote many poems about what we were all experiencing alone and in the world. We also have a greater awareness of the effects of climate change and finally admitting the interdependence of all beings.

Check out each page of this website for more information. I would welcome hearing from you on the Contact Helen page. You can order books through PayPal or a credit card. If you don’t want to use PayPal or a credit card, contact me and I’ll offer an option by mail. If you want to order more than three books, contact me to tell me how many books you want and I can figure out the postage and handling costs.